XP Deus Gold in the forest

With this Covid-19 virus the world is living through some hard times and all the anxiety starts to play on your mind, and your thoughts turn to happy things like metal detecting with your friends and that’s just what I did, I called Adrian and asked if he wanted  to go metal detecting in the forest as this would be a great way of keeping some sanity and away from other people.
We must point out at the time of writing no travel restrictions have been put in place.
We went to a spot near Bucharest, known to be littered with garbage from grills and camping, we decided to test our nerves and once more the XP Deus and High frequency coils to the test.

Deus user in the woods

On arrival the weather was warm and had a good Spring vibe. There were so many high signals to deal with, any of them a potentially good target, so we had to dig considerably more than the usual.
We reached an area close to an old well known restaurant, which was active between 1935/1950. The forest was crossed by two major paths, so the area was basically ‘’junk hell’’. Our plan was to stay in this area and test our patience and our machines, and after about 2 hours of digging, Adrian scored a nice hit !
In a very small spot, as many times happens, some nice items started to appear, maybe they were originally from the same spill. Among hundreds of foil tones, one of them was somehow different, more intense and precise, Gary very often describes these signals as “stable”. This stable tone soon turned out to be a gold 6gm wedding ring, resting at about 10-12cm deep.
We must say that the tones range and audio response while in Full Tones, is truly a game changer. Together with some experience, and by understanding your machine, miracles can and very often will happened.

Metal detecting in a desserted forrest #metaldetecting

After his “gold buzz”, Adrian really got his head down and things started to get more interesting.
A second gold wedding ring! This one engraved with the year 1939 and looked very similar to the first one. Were those the rings from the same couple? If so, why would they bury them in a forest? Or…are the rings not directly related, and by a strange coincidence they were lost in the same spot…? We can only guess.

Gold rings found with an xp metal detector #GoldRings

I was digging only garbage, modern coins, I knew that it was Adrian’s day. He scored 2 gold rings, so I was happy for him.
After another 30 minutes, in the same area Adrian’s hard work paid off once again. he scored another incredible piece, a silver and gold vintage bracelet.


On initial inspection it looked older, but in fact it was made around the early 1900’s, with incredible detail and craftmanship, for us that bracelet signaled the end of a glorious day.

Jewelery 2

We don’t know what gave Adrian his good fortune on the day, maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the new XP finds pouch (which is of truly superior quality), maybe the stars were in alignment…but it was such a great day metal detecting we will never forget.

Treasure from the forrest

Once more, thanks to XP for making it possible!

Michele Bressan & Adrian Codoban
Pro Detectie Association