Taking your XP ORX to the next level

When the XP ORX metal detector was released about a year ago, people initially associated it with Gold hunting as it was very similar in characteristics to the DPR 600. It is only when you look a little deeper into the design, you will begin realise there are quite a few differences, for example the DPR 600 had no wireless headphone facility, neither did it have the coin modes and associated menus.

DPR 600

I want to quickly talk about my original experiences with the DPR 600 and how they have helped me to get the best out of my XP ORX.
When using the DPR there was no switch on and go coin program, so when hunting inland for coins and relics the DPR 600 had to be adapted.

This took a little practice but when mastered I found it was a pleasure to use, very much like the “old school” style of hunting where you investigated many more signals…hence digging more targets and perhaps finding more treasure as a result.

XP ORX metal detector Gold programe secrets

Going back to my opening paragraph, yes the ORX is a superb Gold machine with it’s 2 Gold programs, but also a very competent coin and relic machine with its 2 coin programs.
What happens when their paths cross ?
Just like the DPR 600 the ORX Gold programs can be easily be adapted for use inland if you choose to hunt for coins and relics, this is a really easy setup, although you will need a little more patience and a slightly different mindset, adapting your ORX Gold program is easy, it just takes a few menu changes.

These are my personal settings, you may want to change to suit.

Just select either one of the Gold programs – P1 or P2
Change the reactivity to 2.5 – This is a good starting point.
Change the IAR to 5 – This will offer maximum iron rejection (although still limited)
Introduce an audible threshold – Personally I like to hear a threshold when searching.
Find a clean piece of ground and ground grab using the pin point button.
And that’s it !

ORX sensitivity

I found using the Gold program allowed me to run a much higher sensitivity setting compared to conventional coin modes.

Your mind set

It is very important that you work slow and investigate suspicious / quiet signals until you get a good idea of the way the machine responds.
If you are using a ground balance below -86- HOT ROCK may be troublesome, this is easily identified by the lack of meter reading numbers and a maximum Ground Mineralisation bar. Also lowering the reactivity can give a double sound to the audio.

Heavy stubble
Here are some examples of places where using the Gold mode may be an advantage :
Heavy maize stubble, thick undergrowth, wet sand (Salt enabled) around tree roots and rocky terrain.
So why not go out there and have fun with your XP ORX.
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Here is a link to my XP ORX Gold program video showing how I set the machine up for farmland use :

ORX metal detector Gold program secrets