I am using my second XP ORX metal detector, I sold my first one with the 9X5 HF elliptical coil because I thought it was no better than the gold prospecting specialty detector that I already owned, I often prospect in very uneven, steep, rocky terrain and the ORX was constantly falling over and rolling down hillsides, hitting trees or boulders and I hated the audio.
I reconsidered my decision and purchased another ORX but this time with the 9″ round HF coil. The rolling down hillsides is less of a problem due to the shape of the HF round coil. I actually sold my other specialty prospecting detector made by a different company….. I am so glad I did.

XP ORX hunting for Gold nuggets

I originally used my Deus in Goldfield for prospecting. I liked it BUT, Goldfield does not have Iron Tone/Iron Volume and it doesn’t have an actual volume adjustment for its All Metal threshold tone. Raising sensitivity and/or adjusting the Audio Response does create something of a threshold tone volume control which will null on iron if I set the Iron Amplitude Rejection above zero, but the nulling is very hard to hear at least for me and the threshold tone was so unsteady in high mineralization that it did not help on tiny target detection.
IAR set above zero would somewhat break up audio responses from iron targets which was very helpful. I usually had to use the XY Graph screen so I could have more information about ferrous and non-ferrous target identification. That screen was usually pretty hard for me to see and it slowed me down.

The ORX on the other hand has some key features that the Deus does not have in Goldfield which make prospecting (and relic hunting in my opinion) much less stressful and much more successful. It has Iron Tone/Iron Volume adjustments and Iron Amplitude Rejection which basically turns the ORX into a 2 Tone detector in Gold 1 and Gold 2 which has a low iron grunt VCO tone for iron and medium/high VCO tone for non-ferrous. It also has a dedicated steady threshold tone that has volume adjustment.which will clearly waver over tiny or very deep targets. So, with these two improvements over the Deus alone, I can forget about the remote and just hunt very successfully by ear if I want to. But, the ORX also has a very big numerical target ID screen AND a big Iron Probability bar which is used in all four of its factory preset modes. Also, the ORX does a great job giving easy to identify audio variations to differentiate most hot rocks from good targets.

XP ORX finds Gold Nugget in the USA

I got to take the ORX into the Colorado mountains this week above 9,000 feet in cold, snowy, steep hillside conditions to an area that I have hunted before with other detectors. Transporting the ORX in a backpack was awesome since my hands were free on the hike to hold something other than a detector, it was so light that I didn’t know it was in my pack. I was not exhausted when I got to the prospecting area and I didn’t have to swing a 3+ lbs detector for 5 hours in rough uneven terrain either. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at this site AND I found some nice gold too……..

Thanks XP,

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