The Spanish job by team XP Romania

After weeks spent at home during the holidays, and heavy snow, we finally managed a few days of clear weather. During the past months, we had plenty of time to study maps and documents, which in turn would set out the guidelines for our future searches. We decided to exit the hibernation, and check out one of these new spots.

XP Deus users walking to a hunt

We invite you again, to join us on a short journey demonstrating how important the study of the historical background is, and how detailed preparation can lead to incredible results.

XP Team Romania setting their metal detectors up to find lost WWII items

Regular readers of the XP Blog will know we are in Romania, on this trip we were prospecting around the city of Ploiesti, where during WW2 a strong German force was defending the oil refineries, eventually bombed during the ”Tidal Wave Operation”. We were able to locate some of the areas described in several books relating to that time frame, so we decided to search for solid evidence, and put some boots on the ground. Around the city were multiple German headquarters, but also workshops, field hospitals, regrouping barracks, fire fighting units and so on. We targeted an area we believed to be the spot of some old barracks, hoping to find anything that could confirm a past military presence.

XP deus metal detector coils ready for work

We had 5 Deus on the field, both the HF coils, the new X35 and also the older 22. Some of the barrack foundations were still visible, so we started to search that area, the iron scrap coming from the former construction was considerably testing our patience. The study of the area’s historical background is important but sometimes you just must have ”the eye”, and true to form
someone’s ”keen eye” noticed a piece of glass bottle on the surface, on its bottom the year 1941 was visible, and this confirmed that German troops were stationed at this spot in 1941.
A small piece of glass, spotted with a bite of an eye, but such an important hint.

The Glass bottle from a German soldier

We heard Alex ”The Birdman” screaming, and we immediately knew that it had to be something special.
At about 10cm of deep, a German Spanien-Kreuz / Spanish Cross with swords, bronze version, a decoration awarded to German soldiers who fought in the ”Condor Legion” during the 1936 Spanish Civil War, on Franco’s side.

After the Spanish Civil War, Condor Legion units were stationed near Ploiesri, before being transferred to Greece, where they took part in the Invasion of Crete. The decoration, was produced by Wilhem Deumer, and was very well preserved, with great detail and no missing parts.
A rare piece, ever more rare to be found in the ground and…in Romania! Beside the Spanien Kreuz, were a few more items, probably belonging to the same soldier.

Spanish medal found with an XP Deus

That’s what is great about metal detecting, having the possibility to be part of the story and giving back to history, by finding a small piece of metal, that eventually connects everything on a larger historical scale, giving back rewards for the time spent studying old archives.

RMA team XP Romania.

Once more, the XP Deus was on our side, and once more we had special results in our hands, XP Metal detectors > Top Products, thanks guys!

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Romanian Military Archaeology