XP Deus owner finds two rare coins

The following 2 coins were found recently by me (Celticspikey) both with the Trusty XP Deus and the 11” black coil, on arable land in Wiltshire.

The first coin is a Carausius Antoninianus  and described by Sam Moorhead (FSA) at the British Museum as the following:

Copper alloy nummus of Carausius (AD 286-93)

Obverse IMP CARAVSIVS P F AVG; Three quarter facing draped and cuirassed bust

Reverse PAX AVG ; Pax standing left holding olive branch and vertical sceptre.  Mint mark “C”.

The majority of facing bust coins have the reverse SALVS AVG. Sam Moorhead has seen only 8 specimens. There is one other incomplete specimen with a PAX reverse which is now confirmed by this piece.

Rare Roman coin Carausius found with an XP Deus

It was indeed very lucky to find this unique complete coin, but it was even luckier in that it wasn’t until one afternoon whilst sorting through many coins and bits and pieces accumulated over several months of detecting that I noticed after cleaning that the bust was facing forward which was unusual for a Roman coin. I am out most days with the Deus between 4-5 hrs so I had obviously placed the coin in my bag thinking it was a common emperor like Constantine!!  Only to have over looked it, anyway as soon as I realised a photo was sent to Sam Moorhead and the rest is as they say history. It has been recorded on the data base and the Roman coin index for all to see.
News flash!! – My coin has just gone through auction and made £12000.

Unique Carausius

The second coin is a William 1st Penny 1066 – 1087.

William I, type VII, reverse reads —PINE ON LIN. The mint is Lincoln and the moneyer Leofwine or Leufwine. The mint and moneyer combination is extremely rare for the reign/type.
What an unbelievable find….The Deus does it again !

Extremely rare William 1st

I do know exactly where this rare William coin came from. It was from a field that has had much medieval activity with a wide range of coins and artefacts from Roman, Saxon and up to late Medieval. The field has all the makings for these types of finds being a sheltered valley with churches close by, a Medieval Manor house, close to a water source and rich fertile soil.

Extremely rare William 1st rev

Strap an XP Deus to your arm in these types of fields and the finds will jump out of the ground; OK you have to work for it obviously and spend time. The soil is fairly low in mineralisation but lots and lots of Iron as you would expect from a medieval occupation site, not a problem here for the Deus providing you tweak to get the max out of the machine.

I mentioned they were found with the black coils as I have not got round to upgrading to HF coils. My old mate Gary Cook (Cookie) of XP Adventures comes to this site and has the HF coils and I am amazed at the small finds he pulls up all the time as well as the Hammered ,when you go out with Cookie you have to be prepared for those long periods examining a find then watch him get up and walk over to you with that grin on his face, you just know it’s going to hurt a bit!!

The last time we were out he programmed the 11” X35 to my machine and I have to say I found it more stable and really tuned in to small cut half’s I used the 28khz and was surprised at the difference compared to my original black coil.

Pauls Celtic coin

I am now really enjoying using the Sonar program it’s another very special Deus program from Gary B who works for XP.
I love the high tone and the way it picks out the good solid targets from amongst Iron. Last weekend I found a really nice Celt on a heavily worked patch, so I know this program works.
Any way this is my account of 2 very special coins from the flinty fields of Wiltshire that were rescued from eventual destruction by time, machinery and probably chemicals…I hope you have enjoyed the read……Stay true to the mighty Deus guys and girls….Spikey.