Tale of two metal detecting events Italy Vs UK

I was delighted when Mattia from the detector centre Italy asked if I would like to attend round 2 of their 2019 metal detecting championships.
This event was to be held in San Marino the championships consisted of 9 rounds, however it’s a metal detecting token hunt with a difference.

This particular style of detecting event involved speed, the first person to find 20 tokens in the fastest time was the winner.

The guys at the Detector Center Italy

Before the event I visited the Detector Center store, which I must say was very well equipped, outside was a comprehensive test area where customers are invited to try before they buy on the various buried targets at different depths. The test area included a wide variety of soil types ranging from highly mineralized dirt to conductive ceramics.

XP Deus metal detecting in Italy

The rally was due to start at around 14.00, people arrived early to enjoy the festive atmosphere and learn more about XP products, plenty of food and drink was available, most took advantage of the wine, so when the rally got underway everyone was….shall we just say…. in very high spirits.


1 day 2 events……Treasure found in the UK !

Spring detectival Gold hoard of coins

As well as the rally in Italy there was also another event, the spring Detectival in the UK which Gary Cooke was covering for us, it wasn’t long before I got a call reporting a medieval hoard of coins had been found, at the time of the call 10 gold nobles and about 600 silver hammered coins had already been uncovered.
As you will see by the video it was an exciting day.
Gary Cook kept me posted throughout the day as the events unfolded.


The Italian rally got started an it wasn’t long before the winner appeared and it was the odds on favourite and ace speed detectorist Andrea Volero who found the first 20 tokens in just over 10 minutes.

Italian detecting championships San Marino 2019

After the rally it was time to meet the star of the show in the form of a fantastic XP cake, everyone tucked into the cake, sadly I was not quick enough but it looked good.

After the cake eating it was time for the award ceremony and prize giving.

There were lots of prizes on offer including an XP Deus and MI-6 pinpointer for the 1st prize and an XP ORX for the second prize, plus lots of other metal detecting goodies.

Italian detecting championship round 2 winners

It was a truly fantastic day with high energy and a festive atmosphere I really enjoyed my visit to Italy and I’d like to thank everyone for attending and supporting XP and a special thanks to everyone at the Detector Center Italy for their kind hospitality.
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