My XP Deus story By Lukas

Hi Gary and all at XP metal detectors, I have been detecting since 2009, over the years I have tried most brands but always return to the XP Deus, I know I have made the right choice, as they say pictures speak louder than words.
A lot of new users ask me for XP Deus advice, I like to think I have made a good name for myself by sharing metal detecting knowledge based on my own experiences.
I am a proud member of Archeo Moravia group and we work alongside museums in the Czech and Slovak Republics.
My partnership with the Deus has resulted in some truly breathtaking finds, as many will know small Gold coins (pictured below) are very difficult to locate with some machines, I am now so confident using the Deus with the HF Elliptical coil, it has a very strong attraction to this type of target.

Lukas Gold Celtic coins found with an XP Deus metal detector

The vast majority of our members use XP Detectors. I came to the conclusion that the XP Deus is the best “Specialist” detector available, it can be tuned to suit the individual’s needs. As said many times before, detectorists all over the world need a detector that does the job for them, why spend your time and money on a machine that is not up for the job.
It is true some people are on a budget which will not stretch to buying a full Deus set up, but now with the release of the ORX, it has moved the XP experience much closer to more people.

Lucaz silver hammered coin

I already own a multi frequency machine, it’s very good, but I personally view it as a good universal machine, just like when you put your car on universal tyres, they are OK but you know you have made a compromise somewhere along the line.
But as like many other detectorists I meet, we sometimes need that little extra, something special for our style of hunting, it would be crazy not to want the best equipment for the job. And for me in most cases it is the XP Deus, not just because of the ability to find small Gold Coins, but for many other reasons, it’s portable and fits into a small rucksack for travelling, the available coil choices open up many options, the 5 year warranty gives me that extra confidence, because to offer 5 years you know the company has confidence in their products.

Gold coin found ny Lucas with his XP Deus

I search with a very good friend we have been locked in a friendly war with for a long time, he has been using another make of machine for many years, recently he has started to use a Deus and notice his finds rate and quality of finds have increased, his ideas have changed, we like to talk and watch your XP videos and try our own programs in the field.
I am happy to say our war has now ended !!!.

XP Deus hits more Gold
Zbynek Jerabek finds his first Gold Roman coin a find of a lifetime

Metal detecting find a Roman Gold coin found with an XP Deus

My distributor is Miroslav UC Kratochvil, who offers a very good service, I would like to thanks everyone at XP for making great products and offering an excellent service, I look forward to sharing more beautiful Coins and Archaeological Objects with you in the near future.

Great job Lucas – Thanks for sharing.
Gary and the XP team