XP Deus the revolution is now evolution

The XP Deus has been one of the world’s top-selling metal detectors ever since it’s release almost 11 years ago and this is a first for the hobby.
Let us sit back and think for a minute and ask ourselves why this machine has been so successful, when other machines slowly disappear from the market after just a few years of release.

Gary with his Deus

I guess one winning formula is the fact that, when released the Deus was ahead of it’s time, XP got it right and gave customers features and performance that they could only dream about.
The super light construction with the S style collapsible stem, was unheard of back then, and appears to be overlooked by most of the competition even today.
Throw in reliable wireless connectivity including a complete detector, in just the headphones alone, and that was enough to grab the attention of any detectorist.

XP Ws4 headphones

Having established this winning formula, it simply was not enough for XP, they wanted to give their customers regular FREE software updates to “freshen up” their machines, boasting new features along the way.

XP Deus XY screen showing the HOT program
The MI-6 pin pointer became available which is still the worlds only pin pointer that connects wirelessly to a metal detector. Let us not forget the research mode, now it is virtually impossible to lose your pin pointer.

MI6 pin pointer from XP metal detectors

Then we had a new range of search coils offering multiple frequency choices, firstly the High Frequency coils and then the X35 coils.
These additional coils took the Deus to another level, opening new search opportunities especially for Gold hunting and unlocking difficult or worked out sites.
The construction and tuning was so precise the Deus could now be operated at higher sensitivity levels with total stability.

XP coil range

The X35 search coils had an added 4Khz boost mode which gave that extra punch when searching for those big deep targets.
Adding a new coil changed the characteristics of the XP Deus, and at a fraction of the price of a new machine, adding these new high quality coils to the range was a perfect decision.

super light stem

Just reading these few points, you can see why the Deus sales never slowed down, it’s because it never stood still, it’s true to say the Deus has never aged, it has simply evolved.

You can see our XP Evolution video over at the XP YouTube channel.