Tor finds ancient Gold with his HF coil

Since 2016 I have had permission to metal detect on a Germanic (more precisely longboards) burial grounds.
In 2017, I found the first golden drum bead with my XP Deus. Knowing these beads always came up in pairs.
I purchased the XP HF-coil and visited the site every time the ground was disturbed.

XP metal detectors HF coil finds ancient Gold

In 2018 my efforts were rewarded. I found a golden pendant that was matching the bead only a few metres from where I found the bead a year before. Unfortunately, the upper part was melted as a result of the cremation.

Tor finds Gold with an XP metal detector

In August 2019 I finally found the second bead. It was the first signal of the day and as you can guess signals were quite sparse after years of digging every small whisper.
Now the ensemble is united again after almost 2000 years. An incredible masterpiece of hand craftsmanship. I asked several goldsmiths if they can make a replica and every single one refused as it is to filigree.

Ancient 2000 year old Gold found with an XP metal detector

The pictures were taken on the site where I found my find of a lifetime. As you can see the site has been excavated in 2020 and 2021.
For years I have searched with the Hot program using my black coil. After getting the hf-coil I prefer to use the higher frequencies as the ground is mineralized and most of the bigger items had been found. A while back I switched to Gary’s Sonar program and now stick with it most of the time, I really like the simple clear 2 tones. I am now concentrating on 54khz to sniff out the small pieces. I would really like to find the small Gold clasp of the band, which the beads were probably worn with.

Tor with his XP DeusTor with his XP Deus searching the ancient burial ground.