The GMP finds a quadrant

Quadrant coverSicco Siegers lives in the old town of Zutphen in The Netherlands. There, the Public Archeological Service often do surveys and research on historical sites and allow ‘normal’ metal detecting to join them. In April this year, some were asked to do a special search. Sicco has joined the team with his XP Goldmaxx Power. Here is the story of one of his best finds, a medieval instrument:

“The strange object from the 14th century, an ingenious medieval instrument, was a quadrant used by sailors and also as a tool for telling the time. I suppose this portable sundial was an earlier model for the modern watch and the portable TomTom type GPS navigation system. What makes the quadrant so special is that it is the oldest specimen known in Northern Europe and has enormous historic value. The Museum of History of Science in Oxford states in general terms on its website: “The ‘quadrans vetus’ or ‘old quadrant’ is one of the most ingenious of medieval instruments and it is also extremely rare. The face of the quadrans vetus is used for calculating the time from the altitude of the sun.” Alderman Hans La Rose said: “With this find Zutphen has added a fantastic and unique object to its already rich heritage collection; moreover it shows how much ‘up to date’ the town already was seven hundred years ago. I hope that the quadrant will take pride of place in our local museum.”

Read all about the Sicco Siegers’s discovery in The Searcher Magazine (clic on the picture).

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