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By my own admission I am a ‘’old guy’’, I started my metal detecting adventures late in life after I retired from work. After 30 years spent on a chair, in an office, I thought that a hobby should fit my new “healthy” routine. Being a former professional rugby player, I felt the need for something that would keep me active, and useful for the body, something that would stop me from waisting in front of the TV. In the last few years, I have read many articles relating to great metal detecting discoveries in Romania, but I never thought that I would become the guy with an incredible personal story to tell. When I bought the Deus it was my first machine, I was a bit concerned about my decision; the idea that ‘’it was going to be too difficult to understand and use’’ was well anchored in my mind. I was astonished to find that after about 10 sessions with the machine, plus few online tutorials (thanks Gary!!) I was understanding the machine and already obtaining some welcome results from it (mostly modern coins). The Deus and I became a team, it was a pleasure to spend a few hours of good physical and mental training. I was happy to come back home with a variety of small worthless objects, for me those were enough. This may sound strange, but I have never dreamed about finding important or valuable items, I restricted my searches to small areas located 15-20min from my home, nothing special, places that an experienced metal detectorist would probably avoid, most of the times being infested with modern garbage coming from camping and barbeque activities.

It was a cold November Sunday afternoon, I was prospecting a small forest located near to a road and a residential complex. During the previous sessions there, I was fortunate to recover some zinc Romanian interwar coins, again, nothing special but they were great for me. It started to rain, and besides 2 toy cars and endless bottle caps, nothing was happening. I was about to leave for home when my left foot slipped into a small frozen pond, pulling my leg back and almost twisting my ankle. I sat down to take a rest and decided to look through my finds as I gained my composure. I started to think how much garbage did I have to dig, before I would find something decent. I decided to detect back towards the car. While scanning a small slope using a slightly modified Fast program, I was alerted by a shower of very clear signals, all of them concentrated into an area the size of a dinner table. They were so loud & clear that I thought ‘’Great another pull tab party!!’’, to be honest…I don’t know why I dug them based on previous experiences.

In the sofy terrain at a depth between 5 and 20cm, my lifetime adventure truly started. Already after the first hole, I saw something round and yellow, I also noticed some very clean round impressions in the dirt. It was clear that those were coins, I remember stupidly thinking they were chocolate coins. I had that idea in my mind for several, long seconds, until I put my hand on one of them. They were 3 Gold coins 2x 20 francs and 1 x 20 korona. My mouth was dry, time stopped still. I would love to tell you more, but I truly can’t remember exactly what happened:


I remember digging and seeing gold coming out of the ground. I remember how I was putting several gold coins in my hat, which was already on the ground, near the hole, after I used it for cleaning the sweat that flowed on my face, despite the cold weather. I ended the day in total shock, with a grand total of 148 Gold coins, most of them 20 Francs coins, issued between 1870 and 1923, each one of them having 6,4gr.


The discovery was made in a social pic-nic forest every city has. They were all stacked in the hole, probably hidden during the war or after WW2, when the Communist regime came to power.


After I ‘’cleared’’ all the signals, I changed a few settings (reactivity 1, silencer -1 and sens 97) and I was able to catch few more very faint signals, which revealed to be the last 8 coins from the hoard. They were located at a deeper depth and also positioned on their edge.


It was just another, random day of metal detecting when my life changed forever. The emotions I felt, the story I hold in my heart is priceless…thanks  XP and thanks Deus for letting me live the dream!


Attila from Romania

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