Paul Coleman finds Saxon treasure with his DEUS metal detector

Gary interviews Paul Coleman

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I had a great day with Paul and really enjoyed his company, as a fellow detectorist we had so many stories to exchange, my initial task was to interview him on his latest find…The Anglo Saxon Hoard

As many of you know Paul was the finder of over 5000 Saxon hammered coins near a town called Lenborough north of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

He said “I still can’t believe it was me it’s like watching a good film”.

Paul is a very humble man and I could tell during our time spent together that he detects purely out of passion and is not motivated by the value of finds.

I asked Paul why he purchased a Deus, he answered because he stumbled on a good site a few years back and his machines at the time just could not cope with the iron in the ground, Iron contamination can be a classic signature of an ancient site.

“The Deus had been on my shopping list for a long while, now I had the site for it there was no excuses. It was not easy raising the funds for the Deus, but I am so glad I got it as my finds rate went up 150% overnight”.

His new site yielded a wealth of great coins and artefacts all amongst heavy iron contamination. Paul went on to say “since owning the Deus some of his old sites have come to life again”.

I wanted to know what programs Paul used when he was new to the Deus and what programs he uses now……The answer was quite a shocker !

“I use Basic 1 all the time with the 11” coil, I even found my hoard with Basic 1”
So you never use any other program ?
“No why should I, if it’s not broke don’t fix it”

He then went on to tell me the hoard was a massive signal, initially at least 40cm wide, then he started to dig and soon realised he needed to make the hole wider.

Paul Coleman 2 blog

He dug down about 50cm, only then could he pick up the target with his pin point probe. The lead container then started to appear, underneath the folded lead were the uncirculated coins of Ethelred II and Canute, other coins from the hoard are still to be cleaned and recorded.

paul coleman coin

Paul said “never once did the Deus give me a bad reading, it was a positive signal all the way, I just knew it was something interesting”.

The Archaeological FLO’s (Finds Liaison Officers) were on site and allowed Paul excavate the coins under their supervision they also advised him on how to proceed with his fantastic Anglo Saxon find.

paul coleman coins 2

The term Anglo-Saxon refers to settlers from the German regions of Angeln and Saxony who began attacking Roman Britain in AD410
The Anglo-Saxon period lasted about 600 years and ended in 1066 with the Norman Conquest.

paul coleman saxon coinsJust before our interview Paul visited the British Museum to see the coins. For the first time he was allowed to see and handle this incredible find.

Paul coleman 3 bag

I asked Paul what advice he would give to Deus users, he replied “Trust your machine, don’t make adjustments just because you can, only make adjustments because you need to, and never give up on a deep target”
On behalf of everyone at XP we wish Paul all the best for the future, he will be giving us a further report as the UK treasure act progresses and a final valuation is reached.


Gary interviews Paul Coleman:

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