XP Deus – Hunt for the Nazi treasure

The story starts in Greece where XP team member and XP Deus guru George Tsiardakas obtains a map and information from local villagers. The map belonged to a Nazi officer who lived in the area, this man was in charge of the local railways during the German occupation.
According to the village elders the Nazi officer was not a bad guy, he had respect for the villagers and their children, apparently he accepted treasure from the Jews in order to give them safe passage.
When the Nazi officer died this very document was found on him, many people tried to de code the map without success, George badly wanted this treasure, he had his own ideas and decided to try a different approach along with his XP Deus metal detector.
In this first video George tells his story and talks about how research plays an important part to success, subtitles are available.

Searching for treasure - research is important

The Hunt
Now George is confident he has the correct location he gets to work searching for the Nazi treasure.
He starts by using dowsing rods, there is a signal around the house but George is worried about the thick undergrowth and the high risk of being bitten by a snake.
He decides to clear a path to the house and continue his search with the XP Deus, it wasn’t long before he got a strong signal in one of the walls, this following video shows the excavation of an interesting vessel.

Locating Nazi treasure with an XP Deus metal detector

Thanks to John Kyritsis, George, and their team from GDI Gold Detectors for sending in this fantastic story