Metal detecting with the Deus Gods

Usually, here in Romania, metal detecting in the Winter is considerably rough, with severe temperature drops and snow. We were prepared to hang up our metal detectors for few months, and wait for the first signs of Spring, but this Winter was different, very strange, with 9-10 Celsius in December and January, without snow, but sun.

We took advantage of this strange situation, and went into the mountains with our #XPDEUS and #XPORX metal detectors.
We remained around the Brasov area, where very cruel battles took place during WW1, especially in 1916. Tree workers recently cleared an area making it possible for us to reach a new spot.
On arrival we were firstly surprised by the incredible view: we were actually above the clouds, in some sort of detecting heaven, with the Deus, I guess you could say…. closer to Deus :)

Metal detecting on a mountain

Needless to say that just the view would have been worth the experience, but we had some good fortune with the finds. On a slope, under a line of trenches, we started to pick up strong iron signals (we want to remind you guys that in a Militaria context it’s vital to go on zero or very low discrimination, because the iron could be something good), So we started the recovery process at different depths, we managed to recover multiple military artefacts, both Romanians and Austro-Hungarians. We recovered a wide variety of finds such as, Bayonets, belt buckles, coins, water canteens and badges, some of them at considerable depth (30-50cm) this is where the lower Deus frequency worked perfectly.

XP Deus metal detecting finds WWI buckles

Among the finds was something special: a rifle scope from the Austrian M95 Mannlicher rifle. It was a powerful feeling to know that through that scope, a sniper spotted and most probably killed other soldiers, other human beings. Even though the weather was good, the terrain wasn’t, it was difficult to work the slope, and this is where the lightness of the Deus was a blessing. In some spots, the mineralization was considerably high, so we combined several programs and researched how to get the best out of each situation: some of us were swinging at reactivity 1, very slowly, while other were using a modified Deus Fast program with the HF coils.

Rifle scope

It was a great day and experience, once more made possible not only by our work and perseverance, but also by the XP products!


The RMA Team