Metal detecting – Your XP ORX finds

The ORX from XP metal detectors is certainly making a name for itself, don’t take our word for it – Below are some users testimonials.

Kevin Whitmore – “ After much deliberation and after watching many You tube videos, I knew I wanted an XP product, the ORX with it’s Deus DNA prompted my purchase “

Kevin Whitmore

Markus Maximus – The sleek design and the XP pedigree was enough reason for me to choose the ORX and I must say I’m loving it.
The first time using it I found a really early presbletch die undoubtedly my best artefact so far, and my first silver coin was this Charles II 1677 half crown.

Marcus Maximus

Graeme Stokes – I love the build quality of the ORX, it’s one of the lightest higher end detectors on the market and you get the satisfaction of the XP reputation. I’ve had four detectors and this is by far the best detector I’ve had. You can literally switch it on and your away so for those less technical like myself it’s a dream.
My favourite find with the ORX is this lead battleship HMS ORX as seen in one of my YouTube videos.

Graham HMS ORX

René Radfelder – Its hard for me to find the words to describe the XP ORX, I just love this detector, its light, its beautiful, it’s easy to use, you can put the control box in your pocket and use the headphones only in bad weather. Go after the sound and you will still find the best stuff. My oldest an best find so far is a coin from Sweden from 1636-1639.

Rene ORX

Gareth Brown – It was at this point I knew I had fallen in love with the ORX, its ability to pick up the smallest of targets is phenomenal.
The weight of the machine is something else, it’s so easy on my shoulder after a rotary cuff operation. It gets a big thumbs up from me ….

Gareth finds a Roman coin hoard with his XP ORX

Charmain Gough – Me and bug love the ORX it’s such an easy machine to use and it’s so light. I like the fact that it is easy to change height out in field so both of us can use her, the sounds are lovely we have both fallen in love with the ORX.

Charmain with her ORX

Kevin Cracknell – This is the best find so far with the XP ORX . I got the ORX because of it’s lightness I really love the control box display…..Great machine.

ORX Gold Kevin Cracknell

Chris Gladman – I thought I would give you my input on the #XPORX . I started detecting late in life ( about 4 years ago) when looking for an outdoor pastime that would give me the fresh air and exercise I needed, having had to retire early due to heart problems.
I went through a plethora of detectors, 8+ in all !! The Deus was my second but I always felt I could never use it to it’s full potential.
I tried a few non VDI machines but missed the lightness and X-Y screen on the Deus..So at last I’ve found a machine that I can only say I’ve fallen in love with, the XP ORX !
I find the functions and settings so easy to get on with, and  adjusting to the soil conditions a doddle ! O.K.,there’s no X-Y screen ( yet ? ) but find the old ears are sharpening up to the tones/signals.

Chris Gladman


Mich from Denmark – The ORX is best detector I’ve ever had. I come from a Minelab Xterra 705 and a Deeptech Vista Smart. But this detector is a completely different world and a real pleasure to detect with. When I read about it, I just had to have it. My best finds so far in the picture. A piece of a bridle for a horse from early Viking age and a late Viking spinning weight.

Mich with his XP ORX metal detector


Ben Yates – Me with Orkney the ORX, a cracking hat and my favourite find so far, what is believed to be an Emperor Galienus Roman coin.

Ben Yates with his ORX

Rob Thompson – I Was looking for an upgrade from my AT pro I needed something light, simple and easy to use. The ORX fitted all my needs and after watching Gary’s YouTube #skillschool videos on specifications and performance, I was sold.

Rob Thompson with his ORX


Sheila Crosbie Sutton – I Love my ORX, it is so lightweight, easy to use, the best machine I have used to date, I will look even better with the hat.

Sheila Crosbie


Rene Søndergaard Frederiksen – I am so happy I changed my old AT Pro to a lightweight detector my ORX.



Chris Horner – I have been using the #XPDeus since it’s release and now just bought the ORX , what fabulous machines , easy to use and loads of help when asked for ,my best finds are the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve helped get into the hobby.
Heather on her 3rd time out, she is new to detecting and loves it

Chris Horner Heather

Neil – I love my XP Deus but wanted a back up machine, the ORX has not disappointed me, the performance and reliability is XP through and through. My only wish is to have more tone choices with future updates.

Neil C


These testimonials are courtesy of the UK XP ORX Facebook page, why not drop in and say Hi.



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