Hunting in the snow with the XP Deus

It’s snowing here in Romania, but it’s not freezing cold, so who cares…we wanted to give our XP’s a last outing before the year ended.
This time only a team of two, both with the XP Deus, one elliptical HF and the other with the big X35 coil, we decided to re visit a lucky spot which in the past gave us some nice finds, last time we left with the impression that there still more to find.

RMA XP deus searching in the snow

We decided to focus on a small perimeter, and dig almost every signal, in order to better understand the context of the site.
The area is located very near a busy main road, so a generous part of the place is contaminated with all sorts of garbage. Having that in mind, we chose a moderate discrimination, and reactivity 3, in order to skip faster between targets.

RMA our first signal with the XP Deus was a Gold ring

The HF elliptical, produced a signal almost immediately a 5gr Gold ring, nothing very old or special but hey…it’s gold!
The HF  was a true sniper amongst all the trashy signals, incredibly stable and precise, it managed to pick out few more nice targets. Among them, a Romanian silver coin 100 Lei 1936,  a military badge and army sign from the Romanian Communist period, a small pin/medal apparently American, and a larger unidentified tag, probably coming from some sort of  machine or utility.

RMA XP Deus finds from the battlefield

We already knew, the area was a mix of items from WW2 until the present day we just had to keep searching , having fun and keeping solid nerves to inspect all targets. We hit a patch with some very strong and high signals, and immediately thought that it was aluminum scrap, and so it was. However, some aluminum parts caught our attention, olive green military style paint was visible on them, also some big rivets, specific to plane parts. Fortunately, we were able to trace some numbers and serials from one of the aluminum parts, and with a bit of research & luck, we can now state that they are parts coming from an American B-24 ”Liberator” bomber, shot down by the German anti-aircraft units during the 1943 ”Tidal Wave Operation”, their mission was to bomb the Ploiesti petrol refinery (and we were digging near that area).

RMA Liberator bomber

So, a nice way for the Romanian Military Archeology Team to end this year’s digging sessions, with another bit of History recovered, once more with the support of such great machines, thanks guys and have a lucky 2019.

The RMA Team