Gold Prospecting in Africa with the XP DEUS V3

From our forum XP : “Last September, I was on holiday in Africa. I did not go there specifically to look for gold, but I still took my Deus in case … This gentleman told me he was a prospector for 7 years and he now buys gold in different countries (Cameroon, Congo, Guinea ….) to sell in Dubai.

I ask him if he knows of any people in the mining village in the area that have metal detectors, he replied that nobody has ever come up with a detector to his knowledge …With a big smile (in my heart I said, great, we must at all costs convince him to make an expedition before my return to France), I told him that I have a very sophisticated device to search for gold nuggets, a new program has been developed specifically for gold mining in Africa and Australia.

He asks me how he could buy it so I offered him 1.2 million CFA Franc (about 1,830 euros). He haggled a bit before we agreed on 1500 Euros without wireless headphones.
The sale was approved subject to seeing what happens in the field,

we travelled for three hours by car and 30 minutes by canoe down a river and then 1.5 hrs bike (without helmet through the jungle) and arrived at the mining camp where we slept, refreshed,

we set off once again, after 45 minutes of walking, we arrive at the first river, almost dry, (not the rainy season, ideal for detecting) I take Deus, set to program 10 sensitivity to 95, ground balanced and then start detecting. 1h pass without finding anything … I’m starting to ask questions as the guy said “here there is gold, that’s for sure, people have found nuggets without detector, the largest of which was about 1.1kg “, it re-motivated me.

Some cans over here, there, shovel tips (probably left by miners ) and after 2h finally a good sound, meter reading 88, and then I pull out my first nugget, I call the guy who was a little ahead saying, ” come and see ” I ask him , “It is gold ? ” he replied with a big smile. Whao ! Yes it’s gold, a nugget of 5g!

Unexpectedly very satisfied with the Deus, too bad it happened at the end of my holiday (I was on the verge of calling my boss to say that I wanted to prolong my holiday lol!)

The next day the ground was littered with black pebbles, sometimes in the form of stones, sometimes in the form of a slab or rock, which sounded sharp, despite setting the ground cancel, nothing seemed to cure it & therefore impossible to continue.
Unfortunately, I did not think about keeping a stone, but I plan to go back in January 2014 this time for three weeks of detecting, I will bring back to XP all the stones that cannot be eliminated, it may allow improvement of any future Deus lol…

I was so satisfied with XP Deus, an adventure I hope all prospectors have!”


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