Erwin Suurd treasure story

During the long summer months most of my fields are under crop, full of corn and potatoes, and finding a place to search with my XP Deus can be very difficult. I quite often drive around my province looking for search opportunities and talking to local people. One evening on my way home I noticed a sign saying the Dutch Oil Company, after making some enquiries I found out they were installing a new pipeline across the country. During the works they planned to remove approximately 30 meters of soil for about 30 cm deep over a trail of 30 kilometers. I gained permission and from that day I started to search with my XP Deus every available evening.


Weeks passed without finding a single item, after all, the top layer had been completely removed. In the north of Holland there wasn’t very much recorded ancient activity. The excavated ground was so clean I could run the Deus to it’s full potential.

I used a low frequency, and set my discrimination level to zero, the power levels were set high without getting any interference. One evening when walking along the spoil, I noticed some pieces of old pottery lying in the earth, they looked very old. I searched the area, once again the Deus didn’t make any sound. It was now getting late so I started to walk towards the car I was stopped in my tracks by a loud beep rattling my headphones. The same noise I always hear when I find an empty soda can.

I turned 90 degrees and drifted my coil over the target again. It was the same response, only a bit shorter, it was a clean and steady sound, but noticeably sharp at the edges. I placed my spade next to the target and turned over a pile of yellow soil. Another sweep over the hole and there was no signal, so it must be in the spoil. Bending down and grabbing a handful of soil I felt the weight of a large piece of metal, I slowly brushed away the dirt…

My heart stopped for a moment when I realized what I was holding! I instantly recognized it as an ancient bronze dagger! The same evening I sent Some photographs to my local archaeologist and he very quickly responded back to me. ” please be very careful and don’t try to clean this yourself !, I would like to see you as soon as possible”.

assemblé erwin suurd 1

After studying the dagger the archeologist told me it is a dagger from the early bronze age. Made in England and possibly 3700 hundred years old.


Today the dagger is in the provincial museum for everyone to see which gives me great satisfaction.

Erwin Suurd Netherlands

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