DEUS metal detector finds Ancient Gold in Norway

A very lucky XP Deus user Magnus Møklegård was searching a field at Jellhaugen very near to the second largest Nordic burial mound outside the city of Halden.

He could not believe his eyes when he unearthed an ancient 1,500 year old necklace and pendant…So perfect and intricate even todays jewellers would find it hard to match the stunning beauty.

The Necklace dates back to the early Roman period (about 0 AD – 400 AD.).

This type of jewellery is known as goldberlock after the French word “berloque”.

In Norway Goldberlocks we found mainly in female graves.

The Necklace from Halden is very similar to the classic gullberlokkene but this one has no lid and pellet cluster at the bottom.

Kent Andersson, manager at the National Museum in Stockholm, has also researched gullberlokker in Scandinavia. He believes the jewellery from Halden is a very rare find and possibly the first one of its type to be found.

Archaeological studies show that the burial mound dates back to the Migration or early Merovingian period (426-598 AD.). The mound was probably subject to “haugbrott” or looting approximately 2-300 years later.

The question is did the necklace and pendant come from the mound? If so it is not from “King Jell” who is buried in the mound, but possibly his wife “Queen Jell.”

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