Choosing between the XP ORX and the XP Deus

The XP Deus compared to the XP ORX, what are the differences between these two metal detectors?
At a quick glance they look very similar, some say the ORX is a Gold machine, some say the ORX is a poor man’s Deus.
If you want to know the truth just look at the XP Facebook group and see some of the fantastic ORX finds people are sending in, a poor man’s Deus it’s certainly not !
Sure the XP ORX has less features than the Deus, but it certainly does not make it a second place machine as it offers some added features over the Deus, and yes the ORX can be used for hunting Gold in its natural environment, especially when combined with the 80Khz HF Elliptical coil.
It is also worth mentioning the ORX has a lightweight one piece ABS stem, which is my personal choice these days.
XP Top Fact
Did you know most of your detectors components are made and constructed in house, XP have their own injection moulding company and a fully robotic production line.
XP manufacturing video

ORX stem
These days we live in a throw away world, budget plays a massive part when buying a metal detector as there are so many cheap options out there.
I think it’s fair to say most “Budget products” are made to a price rather than a standard, and that’s fine as long as the customer understands that a metal detector is a sensitive piece of electrical equipment, quality and longevity is rarely something found on the cheap.
XP could easily make a budget metal detector, but that’s really not their style.
XP still boast the lightest machine on today’s market, totally wire free with a 5 year warranty.

ORX nd Deus stem use

What XP have done here is given you a detector that can be added to at a later date, without buying a complete machine.
Plug and play technology
For example, the Deus lite is a Deus with just the WS4 or WS5 headphones controlling the machine rather than an RC, it can be a configuration of your choice, and at a later date you can simply add an RC (controller) or headphones if you wish as it’s plug and play technology.
Deus Top Tip
If you have a full XP set up, why not buy a second coil and stem, then you can use the headphones with one coil and the RC on the other….You now have 2 XP machines for a fraction of the price.
ORX Top Tip
The ORX is supplied with the RC, the lightweight WSA headphones are optional, at a later date you can buy the Deus RC or Deus headphones and they will work perfectly well with your ORX stem and coil.

WS Audio
You can now see the advantages of having interchangeable components, it’s a win-win situation for the customer. Since the dawn of detecting, detectorists have been encouraged to buy a new model because their old model had been upgraded, in many cases just a change to one or two features, which doesn’t really justify a complete new purchase.
XP have given us this all for free with their plug and play upgrades over the years.

Deus plus headphones
Both the ORX and Deus have the same power delivery, the Deus has more features via an expert menu allowing you to make further adjustments if you so wish.

ORX and XP Deus target screen options
The Deus has 3 detect screen choices, the Curve, the Horseshoe and the XY screen, the picture above shows the XY screen. A coin very often gives a straight line, Iron tends to give a more disrupted line.
The ORX has 4 factory pre-set programs 2 Gold + 2 Inland plus 2 empty user slots where custom programs can be stored.
The Deus has 10 factory pre-set programs plus 8 empty user slots.

Menu options on the Deus and the orxTo sum it up in brief
The ORX is a simple to use machine with high end performance.
The Deus is a simple to use machine with high end performance….Plus a Littlemore Geek ability.
There is so much to talk about regarding this subject, far to much for a blog post so XP have made a 3-part video series on this subject
You can find out more by grabbing a coffee, sit back and watch the XP Deus Vs the XP ORX video series.

Deus Vs ORX Part 1 covers the basic menus and adjustments

Comparing the XP Deus to the XP ORX metal detectors part 1
Deus Vs ORX Part 2 covers the options menu and advanced features

Comparing the XP Deus to the XP ORX metal detectors part 2
Deus Vs ORX Part 3 will be released On Friday June 5th
It features the XP ORX and the XP Deus metal detectors out in the field comparing real targets.

ORX Vs Deus part 3 thumb