A treasure found in Scotland

The Big Scottish Coin Hoard found with the XP Deus v3 by Gus Patterson (Ironman)

Well, where do I start? I have only been detecting for around 10 months and have made some terrific finds in that time with my XP Deus, culminating in a hoard of 322 Edward I medieval silver pennies just before the festive holiday period last year. A very merry Christmas indeed!

The time period the hoard spans is over 70 years and includes coins from various monarchs such as ; Edward I (1272-1307) , Edward II (1307-27), Edward III(1327-77) of England and Ireland; Alexander III (1249-86), John Baliol (1292-1296) of Scotland. Several of the coins are continental sterlings and also various coin errors and even a very rare English /Irish mule* of Edward I.

This has been an incredible few weeks and I still feel as excited now as I did the night I found the first coins, myself and my detecting buddy Derek McLennan, had been out in horrible weather conditions since 9am and by the time 3pm had come, we had hit very little and decided to finish up for the day.”

It was on the return to our car that we worked our way across a field we had not covered, Derek went left, I went right, I suppose that’s the fine line when it comes to discoveries. A few hundred meters later I got a good signal, checked both ways, I was as sure as I could be that I had some silver but as we all know, buttons and pull rings tend to confuse the issue somewhat, so I started to dig. It was dark now and very wet and muddy, I rooted around in the hole with my probe and found what I was looking for, on close inspection it proved to be two silver pennies stuck together back to back!

I called out to Derek, he took a look and straight away our thoughts turned to a possible hoard, as its unusual to find two stuck together in such a manner, it just looked like perhaps they had been stacked ?
What happened next will be with me forever, wherever I turned the Deus was calling to me ‘dig here, dig here ‘. We then made a very difficult decision; we switched off our machines and left the field.

The coin hoard has already been described by a leading numismatist as “quite extraordinary” and has been reported to Treasure Trove Scotland. Part of the container, which appears to be a leather purse, was also retrieved and has been taken for preservation. The next few days and couple of weeks were unbelievable, the total now stands at 322 coins and I believe there are still more to be found. How I will follow this up I do not know but I most certainly will not be swapping my Deus for anything else anytime soon.”

* In numismatics, a mule is a coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse designs not normally seen on the same piece. These can be intentional or produced by error. This type of error is highly sought after, and examples can fetch steep prices from collectors.

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