A sensational discovery in the Danish island of Zealand

In the small town of Skaelskoer, Denmark. Christian Albertsen and his uncle Hans H.Hansen are still very excited by their discovery.

Lucky with their XP Deus, they found four beautiful gold bracelets from the Bronze Age. These bracelets were within a few meters of each other. On the same ground, six large bracelets of the same period have previously been found, but in several times over a period of 30 years.

Too good to be true,” said Kirsten Christensen, curator of the Museum where the bracelets were deposited on the island of Zealand. The two amateur archaeologists first discovered the first two bracelets, then back on the field with their metal detectors, have uncovered two other bracelets. Two bracelets, it was already very unusual, but four, it was unimaginable!

This is the first time that we find four bracelets at the same time dating from 800 BC,” said Peter Vang Petersen, an archaeologist and curator at the National Museum, “and ten on the same ground, it’s crazy! ” Adding that about 50 bracelets from this period have been found throughout Denmark. It seems that only men wore these rings. Which suggests they were used to identify the status of the person, or have a meaning in a religious hierarchy.

“This is certainly not the first time that the fields around Skaelskoer reveal impressive gold discoveries, not less than 5 kilos of gold came out with 1.5 kilos for our 10 bracelets” said Kirsten Christensen.


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