A French cross on British soil

Some discoveries dive us right back into history. Joe Tilt from Birmingham in the United Kingdom can testify it. He found while detecting a beautiful medieval golden cross. There are similar crosses like this one but the one he found is a unique 14th century cross.

The relic was examined at the Birmingham museum where the Saxon hoard is. By combining history and inscriptions written on the cross we can imagine the trip this cross has been through. The cross is described as a 14th century bishop cross and would contain a sacred relic. It’s described as a unique made-to-measure reliquary cross. Four words are engraved on the four parts of the cross (Amor, Crux, Forat and Malmy) It could have a link with Marmoutier, the French village situated in Alsace in the north east of France, it owes its name to a certain monk named Maur founder of the monastery. The order of monks had a dependency at the priory where the cross was found in England. Malmy which is engraved on the cross is a village situated at 27 miles from Marmoutier, everything is starting to make sense.

Joe Tilt our lucky prospector would underline with a lot of humor “It’s a French cross found 7 centuries later on British soil by a British prospector using a DEUS a French metal detector, you’ve got to do it!” and add with a bit of emotion “The strange thing about this is that I was at the Birmingham Museum with my wife and two grandchildren’s on the Saturday. I was contemplating the Saxon hoard and said to my wife I would love to find a cross similar to this one, and the next day I did, it seemed like I was destined to find it.”

Lucky? In fact he doesn’t give up easily. The day of the discovery, conditions weren’t at their best told us Joe “It was almost impossible to detect the weather was cold, windy and very wet” From their detecting club was only left Joe and two other prospectors. Determined he remembers “We were detecting on ploughed soil when I found the cross towards the middle of the day. Just has I got my signal, my wife also got one and called me to dig it up but I told her I was going to dig mine first. At about five inches down, I could see a little bit of yellow in the soil, I took it out and wiped it. At first I could see it was a cross but it’s once the earth was completely off I noticed the medieval writing on it and that’s when I knew this was something very old. I called my wife, showed her the cross and to the two prospectors left and the farmer. The farmer was amazed he had not seen this in all this time, he was detecting on this field since 1949.”

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