A detecting holiday of a lifetime

When Darcy made plans to travel from Canada to the UK for a 6 week detecting vacation he never expected to find a hoard. While detecting at the midweek searchers dig today, that’s exactly what happened.james_treasure1

When interviewed Darcy said that a detecting trip to the UK with his XPDeus was on his bucket list but he never imagined something like this would happen. Using the HOT program for the first time he heard a solid quiet signal which Darcy described as to good to ignore.


The mixed hoard estimated to be 300 – 400 Silver Hammered coins are expected to date back to the English Civil War period, the coin in the picture is a James 1st 1605 to 1625.
A complex investigation will reveal more about this hoard in the coming months.


The coins had originally been buried in a pot and it looked like the pot had been hit by the plough at some point, after careful excavation the hoard was carefully protected and lifted as a complete item, the hoard is now on it’s way to be recorded.

Congratulations to Darcy and well done to everyone at the Midweek Searchers club for their professionalism during the excavation.



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