250 Roman Silver Denarius found by Timeline Detection

Birmingham, United Kingdom. The detectorist John Maximus returned to metal detection after 30 years, with a XP DEUS detector. He joined a metal detecting club and they discovered a Roman silver hoard. Read this exciting story !

John Maximus,

” Hi my name is John and I run a metal detecting club in Birmingham UK, I think it is almost every clubs dream to find a hoard of treasure and sometimes finding such a hoard can be hard without the right tools for the job. I have only been metal detecting for a short period since a long break of some thirty years. The last time I went metal detecting I was twelve years of age and you had to buy a license under the wireless and telegraphy act from the post office.

Now taking up the hobby again various members from the club had always told me to try XP machines but I had no idea how I was going to cope switching from one make and model over to another with complete different sounds and readings etc, but I decided to give it a go. I had heard from various sources that the new Deus model of XP was a great machine and members at the club rated it for being not just light weight and wireless but for also being accurate. However, I had to get used to the sounds it made and readings so I decided to take a few days off work and spend almost every day detecting and using the machine until I would find an official detecting site for us as a club to metal detect on.

It was January and I was on the look out as usual for possible sites to metal detect, I came across a farm in Stoke onTrentin Staffordshire and met with the land owner and agreed the understanding of finds and the treasure process and how it worked.

The time came near to the dig but sadly the weather took the turn for the worst and the dig was cancelled and moved to the 19th of February which soon came, it was 5.00am in the morning and I looked outside there was an inch of snow fall but despite this the weather people had assured us that we was to have the sun come out in the afternoon so ahead went the dig.

I had fully charged up my XP Deus machine and it was about to get the test of a lifetime on fields that was to change my dreams and others by bringing them to reality.

I had taken all the monies for the club which get distributed at our AGM for charities and off we all went detecting I had a good feel about the day in question and I was about to find out why! I was searching the field and the usual bits and bobs came up then a guy in the club called me over who was also using a Deus machine with a large coil saying “I don’t think you are going to want to move from these fields and he showed me he had found a number of silver denarius coins and they looked in fantastic condition. He then asked me to metal detect with my Deus around the same area which was very unselfish of him, almost instantly I picked up a clear signal tone of 82 and was very stable in every direction which as I had been told was a typical type of signal count for silver with a smooth frequency sound, so I dug it up.

I was so surprised what I found and what was looking at me was a silver denarius in fantastic silver condition as the others of Sabina from the roman period which looked just like it had been minted yesterday, but had remained in the ground for over two thousand years. I had found and realised at this point that the Deus was the machine I was going to continue with not just for the wireless issue or weight this was a bonus but as the others had said for being accurate. All in all we had recovered from that field a number of beautiful silver denarius coins with almost half being found with Deus machines.

Well I was so surprised and gob smacked at what we had found that it had brought tears to my eyes. I could not stop without looking at the quality of the coins and thinking these are two thousand or so years old and I am the first person to hold these since the roman person had buried them just fantastic.

So the afternoon came and we all broke for lunch before moving approximately a couple of miles down the road reflecting on what had been found and pictures taken of the finds.

The day at this point had been a brilliant one that could not possibly be matched but little did I know that it was about to get even more exciting so I had my lunch and we moved from the site down the road to the farm house and I stopped behind to show the farmer the finds from the first field, I got to about number four coin then a shout came over to me to come quick there had been another hoard found and this time an even bigger one for which I shouted words I can not say here but only to describe it as a windup then he ran back down the track I knew then and realised it was true.

I grabbed the cameras and my detector and off I went I at this point the hole had got larger I informed the members to proceed with caution and if they was to find a pot or indeed pots or other artifacts to stop immediately and lock the area up as was advised by our finds liaison officer so the coins could be dated in a layer by layer basis this was taken into consideration.

At this point there was tears in my eyes having being overwhelmed with emotion and I started to use my Deus as did another member to recover silver denarius coins as there was no mistake about the counter accuracy and tone it was without doubt a dream come true and coins was at a 220 count. At the end of the day we returned to the site again later on with the finds liaison officer and the Deus recovered further coins to the finders hoard with the end total reaching approx 250 plus bits.

I can honestly say the Deus detector from XP is one I shall be holding onto for a long time to come yet.”

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