XP Deus should I upgrade to 5.2

XP Deus is it worth updating to version 5.2

Personally I think the XP Deus running 5.2 is a very well sorted platform, it connects faultlessly with the MI-6 pin pointer and is a pleasure to use. XP are always thinking about new ideas and with the aid of free updates….Yes I said FREE, XP users can freshen up their machines to the latest spec without the need to buy a new detector.

I hear a lot of people saying that the earlier versions are better but that’s all down to personal choice, you have to remember some of the newer products are not compatible with the older versions, such as the MI-6 and the HF coils.
The X35 coils will only run on V5.2 so when you look at the bigger picture you have to ask why not update to V5.2….It’s a no brainer.
Factory program number 6 DEEP has much less filtering and closely replicates the earlier Deus versions, it hits a little harder on targets but can be a little sparky if searching amongst iron, you need a good ear in this case.

Program 9 HOT is probably one of the worlds most used Deus programs and my personal favourite, it’s good to hear that no parameters have changed within this program on V5.2.

One of the biggest advantages is the expert menu within the WS4 and WS5 headphones, this allows Deus Lite users to experience some of the expert features found within the Deus RC, although I must mention if you are a Deus Lite user you will still require an RC to initiate the update – The headphones cannot be updated on their own.
Your XP dealer of fellow XP user will be more than happy to assist with this procedure.

I have made a short video showing the version 5.2 expert features within the headphones.
For the demonstration I use the WS4 headphones, the WS5 headphones have exactly the same menu.

Dave D