West Coast Detecting Belgium rally review

 I was kindly invited to Belgium by West Coast Detecting as they had organised a rally with Pit Stop in the town of Opwijk.

West Coast Detecting are based in De Panne and have a very well stocked shop, they have a very large following which was clearly visible on the day.
Christophe went on to say, “most of our customers are also good friends, it is good to see everyone together for this event”
You can visit their Facebook page here West Coast Detecting

People started to arrive early in the morning, I was happy to see so many XP users attending this event, it was a great opportunity to meet customers in person and discuss the hobby and our products.
Christophe Decoussemaeker the owner of West Coast Detecting gathered everyone together and gave them a pre-dig talk and wished everyone good luck.

The rally got underway with everyone keen to find some tokens, the fields also contained some natural finds so there was something for everyone.
In total1400 tokens were buried over several fields, every token found was exchanged for a raffle ticket which then went into the prize draw.
There was plenty of tokens for everyone, so the chances of winning something nice was very high.

The rally was split into 2 sections, 1 dig before lunch and then another dig after lunch, and wow what a lunch !


The organisers spared no expense and hired a professional catering team, who did a fantastic job of feeding hungry detectorists until they could eat no more.
The weather held out for the second part of the dig, everyone went back into the fields for a last chance to find some more tokens before the raffle draw.

The day moved very fast and it was soon time for the raffle, there were lots of prizes to win, some were provided by sponsours others were provided by West coast detecting and Harry and Kristal from Pit Stop.

Everyone enjoyed this familly metal detecting event, it was good to see the comradery between fellow detectorists, it reminded me what a great hobby this is. I met so many great people, not just from Belgium, but from France and the Netherlands who travelled up for the day.
I have to say everyone who attended were very professional and great ambassadors for our hobby.

The rally sponsours

I would like to thank everyone for making me feel very welcome and for suppoprting XP.
And a special thanks to Christophe and his wife Stephanie, Harry, Kristel and Tony from the Pit stop team, Nancy for the photographs, and all the people who made this fantastic event possible.
Sorry if I missed anyone out.

The raffle draw

Nearly all the tokens were recovered and exchanged for tickets, Christophe called the raffle numbers which was a long process as there were so many prizes on offer, at the end of the event his voice was almost finished.

Keep a look out for next year’s West Coast Detecting event, it will definitely be one for your diary.