Two cousins find ancient Gold with the XP Deus lite

XP Deus users Cousins Derek Chuck and Duane Downing are two very happy XP Deus Lite users, they have always searched together as a team and like to compare each others signals.
Duane had only owned his Deus with the 11” coil for two weeks when he called Derek over to compare a signal, it was hitting 69 – 72 on his wrist mounted headphone module along with a very positive audio sound.

Derek uses an xp deus

They started to carefully dig in the Lincolnshire soil, Derek told me the hole was over 12” (30cm) deep when a bright Gold object started to appear, he reached down with his hand and slowly pulled out a large Gold Torc which looked like the day it was dropped !

Gold Torc found with xp Deus

I asked Derek what was the first thing he did, he replied THE GOLD DANCE !
This wonderful piece is still undergoing investigation with the British Museum and local experts. So far it’s true identity is not fully known.
Recent reports say it is possibly Irish Gold and dates back to over 1000BC, the finds liaison officer who was on site told the guys to keep searching as they believe it is not a single lost item and more likely to be a part of a bigger offering to the ancient gods.
Derek and Duane are still searching for the missing pieces, all at XP wish them the very best of luck and hopefully they will have something more to report as the UK treasure act progresses.

Derek with his xp metal detector

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