Team XP Deus Romania have started the detecting season on a positive

The spring is here, so the Romanian Military Archaeology and Pro Detectie team joined forces for a day’s metal detecting, hoping start the season on a positive note and hopefully bring some new XP Deus discoveries to light.

We opened our spring season with a light hike, exploring an area well known to us, just in order to warm up, and get back into shape after a long and solitary winter. We were detecting in the field without any kind of expectations, mostly chatting about this and that, digging signals and making jokes, sometimes metal detecting is not all about great finds, it is about spending time with friends and enjoying life and the great outdoors.

There were 6 of us on the field, each finding few modern coins, and all using the Deus, some being very experienced with it, others being very new and enjoying their new machine.

Romanian XP Deus metal detecting clubs

At one point, one of our ‘’beginners’’ started to dig out several items of melted bronze, that was enough for us to start a more intense search of the find spot. In the past we have only discovered military items in this area, so it was a surprise to find traces of an older context.

XP Deus finds ancient treasure in Romania

The first interesting target, was a bronze ring having very fine detail, we would say probably coming from a Medieval time-frame. Shortly after the ring, and at about 50meters from the place of its discovery, we found several bronze artefacts: A very small axe head, a piece that we believe could be some sort of buckle, a small chisel and a fragment of an ornament, having one end sculpted in the form of a dog’s head; all of them in bronze.

Ancient bronze carving of a dog found with an XP Deus metal detector

The small axe was missing the blade’s edge, when we handed our finds into the museum they told us a lot about the items. They said the blade was most probably intentionally removed, during some sort of ritual, in order to not offend or threaten the god. They went on to say artefacts were coming from a scattered time period, and this was normal as the area had been inhabited for many generations dating back way beyond the Medieval period.

Ancient Medieval ring found with and XP Deus deep seeking metal detector

Ancient treasure found in Romania using a metal detectior - read the full story on the XPClassroom web site

Stay tuned, because the season has only just started! We will keep you informed about some fresh and interesting XP Deus finds as the season progresses!

Asociatia ‘’Pro Detectie’’ & Romanian Military Archeology Teams.

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