ORX full throttle – Top tips and advanced settings

In our earlier metal detecting Skill School video we talked about the best ORX settings for your terrain and when to use Coin Fast or Coin Deep, sometimes Coin Deep will be to sparky for your site but Coin Fast will be a little quiet.
This Skill School video shows what settings to adjust in order the “Open the throttle” on your ORX.
Gary also talks about ground balance and the pit falls you may experience if using a low number.
The mineralisation bar is an important feature it constantly reads the ground minerals and gives you real time information as you are detecting.

The ORX metal detector in action

You will see the MI-6 pinpointer research mode in action, it wakes up a lost MI-6 even when switched off so you can still find it weeks after it has been lost.
Along with some top tips there are some live digs so you can see what  impeccable manners the ORX has.
Our next ORX Skill School video will be using the ORX with the X35 coil