Netherlands rally report 2017

This event was sponsored by XP and organised by DJ Laan and their team.

This was my second visit to a DJ Laan event, after last years successful XP sponsored rally I could not refuse another chance to meet up with my good friends Dirk Jan and his son Mathijs.
The event was held at a small town called Spijkerboor in the north of the Netherlands, the event location was surrounded by some beautiful countryside and Dutch charm.

By 9am most people had arrived and ready to detect.
The event was to be a token hunt, when a token was found it was then exchanged for raffle numbers and entered into the prize draw.
The tokens were buried weeks before the event so no footprints could be seen on the ground.

Before the rally, everyone was gathered together for a team talk, we managed to get some XP users together for a group photo, then everyone was escorted along the road to the token fields.
The marshals did a fantastic job of ensuring everyone’s safety and making the event very enjoyable.

We had  a very busy day on the XP stand, thanks to everyone for their continued support.
There was a lot of interest about the new Deus version 4.1 update and our latest products such as the HF coils and the MI-6 pin pointer.
We talked a lot about the new ground sensitivity feature and customers had the chance to see the HF coil demonstrations showing its real capabilities.

It was good to see the comradery between the Dutch detectorists, they are great ambassadors for the hobby, everyone I talked to said the event was well supported and the hospitality was fantastic.
So it’s a big thanks to everyone at DJ Laan for making it happen.

After lunch most people went out again to try to find some more tokens, they returned late afternoon for the prize draw, there were many XP prizes up for grabs.
Every Deus user went away with an XP gift, many of the prizes were generous donations directly from DJ Laan

After everyone had left, the team all sat down for an evening meal and discussed the days events, it was good to see the strong sense of community between them, thanks everyone for the invite and for making me feel very welcome.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the event it was good to see so many XP users.
Not to forget the DJ Laan team who made it all possible.

Piet Basjes – Roy Hutters – Natasja Hutters – Cees Ouwehand – Gijs Jan van Hemert – Angela van Maastricht – René Verhoef – Willem Cirkel – Pauline Versteeg