Interesting XP Deus finds from the forest

With winter is around the corner, we wanted to get as much detecting time in as possible and become familiar with the X35 and the XP Deus 5.2 software.

What could be better than an area infested with all kinds of signals, littered with ferrous splinters, metal scrap, aluminium objects…. plus much more, to be exact a WW1 area.

Using an XP Deus metal detector in the forest

Two guys from our team were running their Deus on boost mode / 4kHz, both of them having the big  X35 13”x11” coil.

I was using the 9” HF, while two other guys were with the ”old”  11” coils. The main idea was to deploy a large combination of machines using different settings and coils, in order to totally rescan an already heavily searched area. The two 13” coils were scanning for deep targets, with the boost feature, while I was ”picking” around them with my HF @ 50kHz, the other guys were covering  the blanks between us with the normal 11”.

First of all, I must say that the XP Deus metal detector with the X35 big coil using the 4kHz boost really is deep.
I won’t say that it will revolutionize your MD experience, by offering a totally new set of targets, but I would say that its power should be approached differently.  The X35 coil with the boost setting, will better read the deep signals which before were only ”scratchy” when another coil is used, or in some cases totally undetected.
The big 13” + the 4kHz boost, will better define the object,  by drawing a better reading and a better discrimination, plus we found the tone gave more information and room for interpretation.

We were convinced the boost mode had it’s place as some deep targets were producing faint readings and the old 11” coils were totally muted.

World war 2 bone razor

While on a long slope, we encountered some very mineralized ground, but I must say that with my HF, after setting a better GB, everything went smooth. Also the X35s performed very well, everything was clear and stable.
We started to hit some nice targets; among them, a nice razor with a very interesting design engraved into the bone handle.  It produced a very tricky signal, considering that its blade was totally rusted & rotten, and the razor itself was masked by other metal scrap, but the HF managed to pick out very short but high readings coming from some tiny bronze screws, located inside the razor.

World war 2 knuckle duster 

After we started to inspect the deeper signals registered by the 13” coils, we managed to recover a few more interesting WW1 artefacts, including 2 German bayonets, three crests in the form of an eagle from a pickelhaube helmet and a knuckle duster.

XP Deus finds from the forrest

On our way back we located a forgotten military cemetery dedicated to the ones who have fought. The entire spot was covered by heavy vegetation, so as a mark of respect, we managed to clear everything with our hands and shovels and had a moments silence for those who lost their lives in battle.

Uncovering a WW2 war cemetery

Once again, thanks to XP for letting us discover more, even from ”emptied” spots!