XP Deus HF coil – New user review

Since the introduction of the XP HF coils, I have followed the subject with interest. At that time, I didn’t have a Deus, so I was following the high frequency coils aspect as a simple detector enthusiast. After short time, I entered the Deus world, by buying a setup with RC/28cm coil + the MI6 probe.
After few sessions with it, I’ve become familiar of the machine and its features, I was happy with the results having found some modern coins, modern rings, buttons and other nice but common finds, but hey, the Deus was working for me, and I was happy to understand it in such a short time.

During a recent 3 days detecting trip, I had the great pleasure to meet some friends, the kind of friends who would give you ”anything”, in the most spontaneous and relaxed way. Long story / short, they lent me the 9” round high frequency coil for the Deus, exactly the one I was interested in, but could not afford.

Somehow, I had my homework already done, I had read about the coil, and aware of the technical specifications and familiar with many YouTube videos and reviews, but now it was in my hands, for a month. I went back to the little forest as I wanted to test the HF coil on some already searched spots.

I started My first HF session in a woodland I had previously visited, using the following settings: Sens 94, Reactivity 2, Silencer -1, Discrimination 3,4, full tones, 24 kHz.

I placed a few modern coins in the ground in order to initially test the coil, and to get some signals and readings, but that was boring.

After metal detecting about 25 minutes in the forest, the XP Deus gave some very short, faint but stable signals;

I started to dig the first target and recovered what seemed to be very small fragments of melted Silver. I wasn’t sure if those very tiny ”silver tears”. Finally, a clear, strong and stable signal was hitting my Deus RC: a very stable reading of 67-68, and that was the signal that changed the day. At about 10/15cm of depth, came out what I would describe as an ancient silver buckle (possibly Roman). I was ecstatic, both for the discovery and for the confirmation that in that small spot, there was something waiting, and apparently…something good!

More silver fragments, appeared, I was sure that this was an interesting location. After many other very thin fragments, I recovered two more small silver buckles. I was thinking that if they had silver buckles in use, there were good chances for a silver coin, but no, only small silver fragments or silver buckle parts. The 9” coil is a beast; I was blown away by the its separation capabilities.

This was only my first test and experience with it, and I was finding ancient silver from a previously searched area.

I found this coil would gave me the necessary information to understand your targets, and full tones worked better than ever. At some point I tagged a very faint signal, detectable from only one position of the coil. It was similar to foil, but somehow more stable, continuous, so I decided to inspect it, also having in mind Gary’s video about the 50/50 targets.

At first sight, at about 10cm of deep, I saw something familiar: The gold foil from cheap brandy bottles, the one that tricks us all from time to time.
It was enclosed in a dry chunk of soil, and for just one second a different glimpse of colour coming from it caught my attention. This time…it was GOLD! I was shocked, I was holding a very tiny gold pendant, in the shape of a half moon, eventually identified as a Roman ”Lunula”, which was usually worn by Roman girls or children, being also an amulet against the ”Evil Eye”.

I must say, it’s a pretty strange to go testing a coil presented as a dedicated Gold prospecting coil, and….FIND GOLD!
I truly can’t say how much was luck, and how much was the HF coil, but I can state that the signal coming from the Lunula…was a very good, despite the piece being very thin, just like foil, it was in a very tricky position, and located in a spot surrounded by ”garbage” (rusted nails, all sorts of rusted fragments and so on).

If you are a Deus user the HF coil is a coil to have, that’s a fact.

My considerations, after the incredible first session with it.
The coil is VERY sensitive, but also VERY stable; even if forced to its limits it will perform flawlessly, and that to me was the biggest surprise. The separation is excellent, the target information accurate, and helpful in the 50/50 targets, very fast and well built

Thanks XP for such incredible products!  Alexander from Germany